Let Me Android That For You – Update

Hi all,

Let Me Android That For You is updated and you can now add your own Bit.Ly userid and API key. Press the menu button and then: Change Bitly settings.

This new version is now available in the market.

PullesSon – Android

Tips and Tricks from PullesSon Android

Hi Android developers,

Starting from today we are going to (try to) blog every week some tips and tricks from our team.

The previous post about the ads can be seen as the tips and tricks for this week, but for this first post we will try to add some more information resources and the next tips and tricks will be more detailed into the code.

Android Developers
Stack Overflow
Android Developers Google Group
Google Code Android project hosting

IRC (Internet Relay Chat):
Android Developers IRC

SDK on PC:
path-to-sdk-directory/extras/android/compatibility/v4 or v13

And of course a good source is: Google, to search for example codes and tutorials.

PullesSon Android

From AdMob to MobClix

Hi Android-friends,

Yesterday we decided to go from AdMob to MobClix.
In the past we had several issues with AdMob and then like a a few months ago our account was blocked, due to fraud. We don’t do fraud so we opened an issues on their website.

First of all we noticed that the website to open an issue is almost impossible to find and with some hours of looking through support pages we found the form to submit an issue. It was a half-baked form, no stylesheets, questions with half the answers and above all pointed to AdSense and not AdMob. We filled it out the best we could and we got a thank you page and a confirmation email.

Then we waited like a month and no response from AdMob, neither from AdSense, neither from Google.

So we started searching for a contact email, again searching for hours on the support pages and we found an AdSense and AdMob contact email. We decided to forward the confirmation email to both of the contact emails. Like a month later we found an email from AdSense in our inbox, if we could provide our login, so we did and all they answered was: We can’t find it in our system. And no word from AdMob. So sad to hear a Google company let us down.

That was why we started to look for an alternative, we found several, had some comparisons and decided to use MobClix. It is even more simple to implement as AdMob and all campaigns are based per app, so you can choose the ads providers on application level. Besides they use PayPal for their payments, which makes it easier for most of the people.

All are apps with ads: Call Restrictor Free and Let Me Android That For You are updated with the new ads, they look nicer as AdMob and the implementation tooks us like 10 minutes (including removing the AdMob code).
Also in the first 24h on Mobclix we have earned more then we did in 3 months with AdMob.

So F U AdMob and welcome MobClix.

PullesSon Android

Perka’s File Stash – update

Perka’s File Stash is updated with the: Flash zip option to flash CWM zips.
Long press on the zip file -> choose: Flash zip -> Wait untill it’s downloaded -> confirm the flash, if the file is already downloaded, just confirm the flash.

Less updates

Lately there were not much updates on the site, but we are really busy to get some of the new apps finished and getting a hold on OpenGL ES 2.0. So keep your phones and tablets ready for a new load of apps from PullesSon which are to be announced soon.

Android market link for Developer PullesSon

Find all our applications by clicking the following image:

Available in Android Market

Honeycomb and Tegra 2

We are currently working on some Honeycomb (Android 3.x) project with Nvidia Tegra 2. So expect some BIG applications in the near future.

LMATFY is updated

Hi all.

LMATFY is just updated with a widget. The widget works like a shortcut, because their is no way to add a inputbox to a widget. It will be updated when it’s available.

The code is ready for the input box, only the Android OS doesn’t support it (yet).

PullesSon – Android

Hello, World

Hi all,

Welcome to the website of PullesSon – Android.

Take a look at our apps and if you want to us to make you Android dreams come true, let us know.

PullesSon – Android