Milestone: 10k downloads

hi PullesSon app-users,

Thanks to you we reached a new milestone: 10k downloads on Call Restrictor.

Thanks against answer hope you all like the apps and keep on using PullesSon apps. Feel free to try our other apps also.

Kind regards,
PullesSon – Android

Tips & Tricks: BugSense

Hi developers,

Last week there was no tips and tricks from PullesSon – Android, because of the workload.

This time it will be not really about code, but about bugs.

For those who found the errors overview in the Android market console useful, but almost never get errors reported, there is BugSense.

BugSense will catch all the exceptions and send it right away to your BugSense dashboard and if you have it activated, also it will send you notification to your email.

Signing up is easy and it will direct you to add an application. Be sure to remember your API Key, even it’s also in your dashboard available.
After this there has to be made some code change in your application. First you have to download and add the library file to your project, then you need to add the internet permission by adding to the android manifest file. Then in the onCreate() method you have to add: BugSenseHandler.setup(this, YOUR_API_KEY);, where YOUR_API_KEY is your API Key from your dashboard (or the one previously remembered). Also don’t forget to include import com.bugsense.trace.BugSenseHandler; else you will get compile errors.

The dashboard is really intuitive and easy to understand. A quick overview of the errors reported is shown on the first page of your dashboard with exception name, file name, line number, OS version and application version. From here you can click on the error and it will show details.

The details page will show you all that’s included in the quick overview plus the amount of occurrences, a short stacktrace, last error instance time, ip, country, phone model, screen information and communication information.

In the configuration of the app registered in the dashboard you can add project viewers, like developers that want to know the error information. Also there is an option to set the application stage between testing and production.

Besides they have twitter and a chat to talk for support.

We also got an email from BugSense, mentioning if we needed help to implement the code, because there were no errors reported.
Seems we configured all well and we did some good coding, because there were just no errors generated. After provoking an exception we received it in the dashboard.

Good service and support on the BugSense’ side and easy to implement and understand. Keep up the good work.

PullesSon – Android

Let Me Android That For You – Update

Hi all,

Let Me Android That For You is updated and you can now add your own Bit.Ly userid and API key. Press the menu button and then: Change Bitly settings.

This new version is now available in the market.

PullesSon – Android

Perka’s File Stash – update

Perka’s File Stash is updated with the: Flash zip option to flash CWM zips.
Long press on the zip file -> choose: Flash zip -> Wait untill it’s downloaded -> confirm the flash, if the file is already downloaded, just confirm the flash.

Less updates

Lately there were not much updates on the site, but we are really busy to get some of the new apps finished and getting a hold on OpenGL ES 2.0. So keep your phones and tablets ready for a new load of apps from PullesSon which are to be announced soon.

Android market link for Developer PullesSon

Find all our applications by clicking the following image:

Available in Android Market

Honeycomb and Tegra 2

We are currently working on some Honeycomb (Android 3.x) project with Nvidia Tegra 2. So expect some BIG applications in the near future.

Hello, World

Hi all,

Welcome to the website of PullesSon – Android.

Take a look at our apps and if you want to us to make you Android dreams come true, let us know.

PullesSon – Android