Perka’s File Stash – update

Perka’s File Stash is updated with the: Flash zip option to flash CWM zips.
Long press on the zip file -> choose: Flash zip -> Wait untill it’s downloaded -> confirm the flash, if the file is already downloaded, just confirm the flash.

Less updates

Lately there were not much updates on the site, but we are really busy to get some of the new apps finished and getting a hold on OpenGL ES 2.0. So keep your phones and tablets ready for a new load of apps from PullesSon which are to be announced soon.

Android market link for Developer PullesSon

Find all our applications by clicking the following image:

Available in Android Market

LMATFY is updated

Hi all.

LMATFY is just updated with a widget. The widget works like a shortcut, because their is no way to add a inputbox to a widget. It will be updated when it’s available.

The code is ready for the input box, only the Android OS doesn’t support it (yet).

PullesSon – Android

Hello, World

Hi all,

Welcome to the website of PullesSon – Android.

Take a look at our apps and if you want to us to make you Android dreams come true, let us know.

PullesSon – Android