Let Me Android That For You

PullesSon proudly presents:
The unofficial Let Me Google That For You app (lmatfy).

This application will generate links to Let Me Google That For You (www.lmgtfy.com).
You can copy them to your clipboard, you can copy a short link (bit.ly) link to your clipboard or share them on twitter, facebook, email, messages and many more.

NEW: Change in menu -> LMGTFY options the language or Google application for the results.

Just fill out the keywords in the searchbox and press one off the buttons.
Add your own Bit.Ly key: Menu -> Change Bitly settings.

This application is not developed, nor supported, nor affiliated with www.lmgtfy.com. It only generates links which direct to www.lmgtfy.com.

Let Me Android That For Your

Available in Android Market

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  1. MALOW says:

    Congratulations, great app.Link results in Spanish, please.Regards.

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