Perka’s File stash

PullesSon Android proudly presents:
Perka’s file stash app.

**NOTE** Please uninstall any previous version of the free app before installing this one, like the one bundled in the roms. **NOTE**

NEW: Flash CWM zips directly from the app. Long press on zip file and choose: Flash zip. If file is already downloaded, it will flash directly, else it will download first.
With this application you can access the file stash easily on your phone. Browse the files, search the file stash and download files.

The files include but are not limited to modems, kernels, roms, applications, apk’s, frameworks, bootloaders, bootanimations, drivers, sounds and fixes.
Most files are for Samsung Galaxy S (SGS) or the Galaxy S family (i9000, i9000B, i9000M, captivate).
NEW: LG Optimus x2 Files.

Share the application (Menu -> share) or share the link to a friend (Long press -> share). Share it by email, message, twitter, facebook or similar.

The normal web browser file stash is free and will be free.

Hold your phone ready for more features which are coming soon.

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